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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Mcpatcherutils Brendan Fraser Config Changehandler

Brendan Fraser My husband mentioned several years ago that a male friend of a colleague Brendan Fraser had dated him. Mcpatcherutils, config, changehandler,. these chants are usually a type of sardonic expression of criticism which is difficult to explain to those who don ,t take part in it. chandler is borderline championship material. long offensive plays were applauded, while big defensive efforts were wildly cheered.


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Friday, 12 September 2014

Aikin First Aisha Tyler Politician Suffer

As for republique, maybe if they don t hit the half a mil they could wait a month or so and put up another kickstarter. Tod aikin isn t the first politician to suffer foot in mouth disease, he learned from his mistake, apologized, time to get on with life. but they were not publicly owned and comparing wireless technology to wired with different ownership structures proves nothing. that some benefit from fraud doesn t change its nature. but to claim it crap with no redeeming features (your Aisha Tyler words, not mine) is tantamount to a factual falsehood.


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Monday, 08 September 2014

Only Been Doing This Eric Bana Eight Years

Eric Bana I m still at least 90 minutes and two cups of coffee from coherency. i ve only been doing this for eight years. i ve been fortunate enough to have worked for almost 40 years in a profession that allowed me to pay the bills Eric Bana well enough (albeit marginally at times) that my wife didn t have to work outside the home. and it easy to tell when someone is trying to skew them. if only these pesky peasants had the brain power of otis and dave, and of course, the mayor, they would know that what you are trying to do to them is actually good for them well, jerry, the mayor her administration has brought us the kroc center, coeur d alene library, education corridor, riverstone, etc.


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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Certainly Sara Evans Agree That Nugent Ignorant

Sara Evans I am on the left but sometimes i see as much mindlessness coming from that side as these brain dead tea partiers. Luc, i certainly agree that nugent is an ignorant hack but unfortunately he is a major figure within nra, frequently appears as a guest on fox, especially with hannity, and has played guitar with huckabee on fox. Tom, uncivil comments and abuse short of hate Sara Evans speech are almost pervasive on the right fox, the talk shows and most of the people who watch, listen and repeat the mindless language of hannity, limbaugh, beck, the tea party, and most of the people who watch and listen to them, the tea party and its members, and much of the gop. when taiwan started from scratch the same year they went with the canadian model. and he ,s the best the right has.


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Monday, 18 August 2014

Afford Drew Doughty Your Sewer Really

Drew Doughty Wake up and smell the coffee, 79 we can last longer on strike pay than you can. if you can t afford your sewer, Drew Doughty you really can t afford the cat. hussein is not really the us president, but merely an impostor posing as one. Solomon celis barack obama no difference from others. please see how the perfect of heaven, the father and his son, gave us the names of those we should be wary of.


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Tuesday, 05 August 2014

Most Chris Brown Importantly Some Prepared

Chris Brown Moderate independent is more like it. and most importantly, some of us are prepared to do it again. ako, Chris Brown am not concerned about this rh bill. dati, may hawaka akong dlawang clients, they are the largest in their respective industries with combined workforce of 8,000 not counting their offshore wrkers. Maria blew on her hands as she rubbed them together.


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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Plante Seconds Naya Rivera Spin Deceit

Naya Rivera Oxburgh quietly damned the climate team by saying it is very surprising that research in an area that depends so heavily on statistical methods has not been carried out in close Naya Rivera collaboration with professional statisticians this is the equivalent of claiming medical competence whilst operating on a patient without an anaesthetist. plante had 72 seconds to spin his web of deceit, hahn got 23 seconds to respond before kelly jumped to plante rescue with theshill svideo which was completely unrelated. democracy equates to isonomy, not proportional equality). one hundred times over that why the losses in the financial system are so much greater than just the subprime loans. maybe that just duq negotiating style, but if it is, i don t perceive it as one of his strengths.


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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Which Translated Teachings Nadia Bjorlin Guru

This is one of those situations where money confuses people. and which the now translated teachings of guru dev indicate that indeed mahesh moved at right angles to guru dev in so many, many ways. @hcapt if i were Nadia Bjorlin his boss i would demand that zombies be put in i just explained to you why it not in mw 2, despite how much consumers want it. if what cline has done in the courtroom is ok with you. the father has always existed as such (dt 33 27, isa 43 10, 44 6, 45 5, 21, 46 9, mal 3 6, 1co 8 4, 1ti 2 5, rev 1 8, 21 6, 22 13).


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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Doesnt Hide Wife Hide Kids Jenna Fischer Cause

Jenna Fischer I ll be retreating back to my pod so i could start mechanizing and backtesting pipcompounder system, but my monitors will keep close tabs on your entries. if he doesnt hide yo wife and hide yo kids, cause you gettin a thumb up the shooter next time you shower. thanks Jenna Fischer to the union money grab those defined benefits have exploded beyond the means to pay for them. Moocheel may hate the white house being first lady, but if she ends up back in chicago, what will she be there same with barry. if they do not make gains in this ward, they are finished politically in barnet.


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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Santa Claus Bridget Moynahan Other Think

Re-read your post and try to find the contradiction - it is glaring. one was of santa Bridget Moynahan claus and the other, i think, was a snowman. 31 israel saw the great power that the lord used against the egyptians, so the people feared the lord, and they believed in the lord and in his servant moses. The rest afterwards will be punished less harshly, and spectacularly, on the news. your lucky you have a band, otherwise you would probably be an occupy member.


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Sunday, 06 July 2014

Uansett Tinie Tempah Linjedommeren Ikke

Tinie Tempah But particular policies to control guns often are. det er uansett linjedommeren og ikke hoveddommeren sitt ansvar se om ballen er over streken eller ikke, og det ble uansett ikke d mt m l det var ingenting galt med den situasjonen. this is one of the big reasons why the culture needs changing, because right now, it a culture where abuse is normalized. i just don ,t understand their slang. for they are the children of kom jeg til tenke p erik solheim og jonas gahr Tinie Tempah st re.


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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Afan Going Right Until Peta Wilson Called

Peta Wilson This kicking problem has not gone away. @afan, you had me going right up until you called kim the biggest and nastiest wielder of violence of them all. wenn sie sich dieses mal nicht mit beleidigungen zur ckhalten, ist die diskussion damit beendet. Cool thing about this i missed this announcement, and Peta Wilson this week, we upgraded from our optimus phones that we started with a year ago to samsung transform ultra refurbs. so your argument will have even less validity then.


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Friday, 06 June 2014

Scything Through About Joan Rivers Hormagaunts

Joan Rivers Ok, to continue there are 36 people on the cullen front when you count all of them up 11 of which have gifts- out of those how many are actually used in the field scene, the egyptians, the irish and of course bella and edward with zafrina encouraging bella to hold her shield, so who else has a pivotial part other than garret and kate its called reschearch to help mr. Scything through about 12 hormagaunts in a few rounds of cc with my company master only to have his plasma pistol blow up and take out his last wound in the first turn not locked in cc. anyway the new version of mindscape supports compass, so u can compile it without build the project. you know the famous quote the market can stay irrational longer then you can stay solvent. he is a clown on the sidelines, screaming at everyone, constantly Joan Rivers trying to micro-manage game play instead of letting the players play.


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Wednesday, 05 March 2014

Anos Drafting Anne Heche From Cuba

People all over the world are sick of your lies and deceit. Y 52 anos de non drafting from cuba. the first few episodes of season one i Anne Heche was just trying to figure out the show. Pay them well and they will appear. i m also in like with those shades.


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Monday, 17 February 2014

Unless Debra Messing Comes Spring Performs

Debra Messing Will this be a full mozilla browser or will it be stripped down into one package and called netflix player. unless he comes in to spring and performs up to 100% of his potential (making him 1a or 2 on the team) there is no real incentive to rush him Debra Messing into the rotation just to have to start paying him a high 7 to low 8 digit salary a year sooner. disclosure it is my own app, but just interested in knowing the results. vector images can be scaled infinitely and never loose quality meaning it can fit on your website, business-card, letterhead, apps, in itunes and on posters, mugs, t-shirts and so on. well, when they had intel and failed to heed it, and lost 3000 people in nyc,,oh, wait, wrong one again.


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Friday, 07 February 2014

What Ravi Shankar About Molten Steel Really High

In the opening paragraph, flamehorse himself all but admitted his shortcomings here and welcomed the inputs of others, so why don t we cut him a little slack on this one @gtt 68 fun list though i would agree with some of the comments that maybe we should include a few modern comedy teams i generally i agree with this in the interests of diversity, except that when you are talking about best of all time (which of course is subjective enough as it is), it is difficult to compare or include relative newcomers Ravi Shankar to a genre, no matter how good their freshness may seem today, simply because they haven t yet established themselves over time as having a lasting impact or achieved legendary status. what about molten steel and really high temperature, i would like to hear you re opinion on that. i suppose this is available in australia but maybe not called the same thing. Mark seibold, i don t think nature true intent is for us to be nihilists. but you conservatives are bound and determined to keep him there because you are unable to admit that the law is wrong and change it.


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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Many Audrina Patridge Other Aren Going Purchase

Audrina Patridge Romney condemned this intervention and wanted to rely on non-existent private financing. me and many other aren t going to purchase a ticket or watch raw just to hate on cena. he a big guy that still booked like every other heel in wwe, nothing really sets him apart from the likes of ziggiler, rhodes and a few others. i don t Audrina Patridge have too much in the way of tools. all we need to understand is this it happened to us al queida didn t attack bolivia or brazil.


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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Gulzar Reason Adrienne Bailon Judea

adrienne bailon Hip, you fail to see the distinction. Adrienne Bailon Gulzar, no, the reason why we are in judea and samaria is because the arabs kept using that land to attack israel from. muslims can have peace with israel any time they want it. it is only since iran is trying to get nuclear weapons that other middle east countries now want them. microsoft is hardly perfect, but they knock it out of the park.


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Monday, 09 December 2013

Sorry About Feeling Just Being Ashley Olsen Tennis

Ashley Olsen Even if the nationality was known, the home country is not obliged to take them,. sorry about old feeling, just being a tennis fan makes me feel old sometimes. their priests had taken over the community gardens, fields and orchards, taking the food for themselves. you can understand from a development and business point of view though why they drop in car views. that way Ashley Olsen there is no more arguments based on every american owes ,000, and the grandchildren are receiving a legacy of heavy debt, and government is broke we can t pay for the teachers and police and other investments to ensure the general welfare for ourselves and our posterity.


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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Gore Desperate Rhetoric Reflects Fact Drake That

Drake Give the peasants a few crumbs and then cut them off at the knees. gore ,s desperate rhetoric reflects the fact that the science and arguments have been put forth for review and his hysterical position has been found to be unsubtantiated and his opinions without value. i would put that underneath my de category which is option. @cabinart i think all your customers are smart and appreciate the awesome beauty of your artwork. Shine as a light in the world Drake to the glory of the father.


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Saturday, 05 October 2013

Also Give Jane Kaczmarek Some Reference Those

Just because 5 justices are too dump to read the constitution or too corrupt (clarence thomas) does not changed the wording nor read in an original intent never there. Also, why not give some reference for those out there who are Jane Kaczmarek not yet in the know. make room at a-stock, it is a sign. Too bad linda holmes has none of those things. but, how much of that is the result of our weak economy maybe the right will get what it wants in terms of illegal immigration, simply by making america a place to which no one wants to come.


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Friday, 27 September 2013

Course Matthew Perry Deserves Physical Abuse

Matthew Perry I highly doubt that it only applies when you Matthew Perry are in the top 5%. of course no one deserves physical abuse, did i say that did the main comment on this thread say that knowing what caused the road rage is important from an administrative point of view will benefit the public. Oh cool so i guess it just the u. each server may be loaded with unique resources. i have a ton to learn about the irish conflict, and i profess noexpertiseon the subject.


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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Even With Experience Hayley Williams Connections

Hayley Williams His signature legislation Hayley Williams looks to be going down in flames (as it should). even with his experience and connections. cell phone pings will tell the story. even if i have to abstain i will not vote for a gop candidate. especially those through investments ).


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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Jamaica Alicia Keys Places Provides Every Person

Alicia Keys Doctors are behaving like transporters how shame full is that. jamaica, of all places, provides every person the same care at 10% of the cost in the u. and i have to totally agree with her. we have people that probably spend more time with you then with us (we have nothing but good feelings for those that find a place that motivates them to achieve the goals that they have set). the s used to hurl thunderbolts on the head of Alicia Keys hubristic people.


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Friday, 13 September 2013

Honesty Truthfulness Shayne Lamas Requisite

Shayne Lamas So they infact Shayne Lamas are now leaning to secular position. Are honesty and truthfulness not requisite criteria for holding high elective office in a mature democracy in a mature democracy, yes. i might be crazy, but gilder feels way thicker to me. kung kaya mo, subukan mo tanggalin sa isipan mo parang na amnesia lang ba. When i cloth diapered tyler my favorite pocket diapers were happy heinys.


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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Send Some Links Miranda Lambert Kekingala9 Gmail

Miranda Lambert It okay, your faucet will not light on fire here. plz send me some links kekingala9@gmail. the fraud i was writing about is ron wyatt. i travel with a million gadgets, and just recently bought some of the cocoon grid-it stuff, but Miranda Lambert don t like that it out in the open in my gear bag. check out the info and register here.


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Friday, 06 September 2013

Local Kaley Cuoco Distribution Cost Paisa

Kaley Cuoco Thisstory in this link is related to this. we local distribution cost of 100 paisa top it with td and etc loss to it say 16pc say 62 paisa, total 447 paisa per unit this total of 22pc include political pilferage. b d te musia przejrze moje strony sprzeday pod ktem tego rodzaju komunikat w. considering medicare part d is a trillion dollar Kaley Cuoco unfunded and mandated program brought to you by congress in the early 2000 s, this is a logical place to start cutting. your so called should be so-called.


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Monday, 02 September 2013

Bible Chris Young Word Doesn Need

Chris Young There are likely still spots in the world heavyweight championship mitb ladder match. the bible is the word of and doesn t need man help. prior to this device, wp7 made very little traction in Chris Young the market. Pinky so far seems (touch wood) to be the best ceo that telkom ever had in the last 10 years. Hey pw, how do you decide when and where to use fan lines sometimes i see you use them multiple times in a chart, like jpm above, and others once or zero times (bac above), and in those cases its all channel lines.


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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Adjacent Lake Fine Then Kenneth Branagh Further Testing

Kenneth Branagh A decision that like you, your candidate is not only unwilling to address, and demonizes any effort to that end. if an adjacent lake is fine then further testing is still warranted. it looks to me like she saying, those pipes are awfully loud and annoying, aren t they. tested atomic bomb in the world. they have a cast section with pictures and they re grouped by house Kenneth Branagh location.


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Friday, 23 August 2013

Prepare Tish Cyrus Yourself Later This Year When

Tish Cyrus You just double click in the file and click install. and prepare yourself for later this year when android loses top market share to apple and then ends up in third place behind wp7. But i know you are way to intelligent to even bother studing something you haven t already pre concived and digested into your secular world view point and don t need some inferior paranoid conservitve christian to challenge your world view and understanding, by your continued unwillingness to search the previously given challen ge of where modern liberalism gets it roots system from so your own ignorance of view points other than your own must be put down and belittled. different rules for different folks is not what the equal rule of law republic was suppose to be, Tish Cyrus borb. but in the 1970s, using the mcgovern movement as their trojan horse, they were able to occupy the democratic party and take it over.


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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Sure Elizabeth Hurley Many Them Drop

Elizabeth Hurley And they probably did bring presents. and i m not sure how many of them drop in on anything like a regular basis. in the us, there is no crime too hideous for the bi-partisan Elizabeth Hurley foreign policy consensus that says anything goes in the way of war crimes if they re committed in the pursuit of us imperial policy. the brand owner or importer is initially hit with a fee through a private, not-for-profit body called stewardship ontario, which is then passed on to the consumer. most of us in the developed world are attuned to reading and scrolling through documents on a computer or small hand-held device screen, with that in mind, let us extend our repertoire to kindles and nooks.


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Friday, 09 August 2013

Telling This Chad Ochocinco Going

Chad Ochocinco S in the oval office and then lie about it under oath. i m telling you, this Chad Ochocinco guy not going to let go of power. even if he did somehow have thestrength. the jurists stated this in interviews after the trial. personally i feel the same way about the u.


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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Bruce Wayne Sherri Shepherd Batman Jack Nicholson

Simply putting a broadway musical on film as it is on stage would be horrible. Bruce wayne batman jack nicholson. die nare waarheid is, ons as volk is verslaan. our nie report states iran is not Sherri Shepherd building nuclear weapons. How is snorting cocaine and hanging out with terrorists of value do tell.


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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Things Keeps Betty White They

Betty White Some of them are really easy where all you do is text something in or answers some questions. if things keeps on the way they are, the lamestream media won t be reporting anything but what the government tells them to. Key is the method that returns the name of the object you store on s3. like in front of your mother) motivation isinteresting. what time did his Betty White father return home he did not notify authorities for 12 hrs after the incident which he obviuoslyknows nothing about.


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Friday, 12 July 2013

Anger Hatred Catherine Deneuve Disbelief Even Humor

Catherine Deneuve Yes (and thanks ) - we have 1 wedding down, 2 to go )i ,m not sure which year we will give as the reference though - the date will be the same but it will be a different length of Catherine Deneuve time depending on whether we go by when we started the relationship, when we got legally married, or when we get married in india. anger, hatred, disbelief and even humor. i love hearing from readers who have tried my recipes. not that any of the people arguing with you will probably care at all. and i do have a boyfriend these days who helps.


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Monday, 01 July 2013

Think Blake Lively That What Spiral Meant There Need

Blake Lively What Blake Lively was stated might be true for some cases but when i have deja vu, not only is everything similiar and familiar but i know whats going to happen for the next few moments before it happens. i think that what spiral meant, there no need to get so defensive here. Leading is one thing, force or threat is a whole different thing. browse thousands of popular brands, hot products, featured deals and find exactly what you want at discount prices. 291 amkette multimedia keyboard rs.


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Friday, 28 June 2013

Today Jill Zarin Point

Jill Zarin Another thing i find interesting about this concept is that the closer i get to my stuff - my vocations, my true callings - the less i worry about the accusations of conceit. . today we got a 15 point pop and. David, osi, let me present the opposite view. just a Jill Zarin dragon ) but i would like to have a fox as a pet.


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Friday, 21 June 2013

Judge Etta James Going Allow Defense Lawyer

Etta James But seeing her smiling, from maybe 30 -away lens, is just awwwesome. no judge is going to allow a defense lawyer to introduce that kind of evidence against a dead victim. My job often finds me doing strange things, and recently, one of those strange things was watching Etta James dozens of episodes of wbk to find one where vinnie barbarino says, i m so confused. Paul objected and introduced an amendment stating that any use of military force against iran must be authorized by congress. i advice scott wardle sometime ago about most of these technologies (and maxforlive patch well done fruit of these talks).


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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Over Till Lady Aretha Franklin Sings

Aretha Franklin Stop tainting my corps by assuming a (phony) identity relating to it. it not over till the fat lady sings. Mr haquinas btw, Aretha Franklin there really isnt a rivalry between east and west baltimore. this photograph oftable mountainwas taken by our cape town. you believe everything your politickers tell you hey i like that spot that lawrence o donnell puts on about government can t create jobs you are working for the government.


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Monday, 03 June 2013

Campaign Sienna Miller Payers Expense

Sienna Miller Number 1, whether we get high traffic or not it is not the main intent for dr. to campaign at the tax payers expense. that ability, deep down, that true comprehension, realizing that to be the cause of human suffering is absolutely wrong. that includes news about our beloved form of entertainment pro wrestling. Yeah if only i had a computer to Sienna Miller do that on eh edit but yes, thanks for the link.


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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Critical Eva Longoria Stories York Times

Eva Longoria Next, we are shown an incredible bit of detective work on torins part. the critical stories in the new york times and los angeles times relied on similar unnamed sources to the post article indicating that webb had become a victim of a covert cia operation through the establishment newspapers to discredit his findings. to Eva Longoria be continued) transcribed by john dinardo - confmail v4. and perhaps these common people will give to the world its truly great negro artist, the one who is not afraid to be himself. he adds, chertoff himself was clearly the person at justice to whom the line prosecutors were reporting.


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Monday, 13 May 2013

Selection Bar Rafaeli Participants Will

bar rafaeli My father Bar Rafaeli in heaven wanted me to pay more attention to pride during advent, or at least i think so. for the selection of the participants i will be doing analytical memos to back up the reason why i chose these teachers. 5 assists game, which is way too low for a starting pg in the nba. these are all worthless liberal fantasies. how do they figure that when the obit they are using reads like this.


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Monday, 06 May 2013

Sure That Prior Sam Querrey 1920 When Were Finally

Sam Querrey What an honor to have been able to help put first lady obama Sam Querrey in the white house she is a testimony to the very best in our nation. i am sure that prior to 1920 when we were finally able to vote, someone said those same exact words. your success cant denied the dirty politics that happens in our country. In other words if you live by the satanic code of life,you will be fed a satanic sandwich eventually, as has happened in the us. Arterial is an adjective, not a noun.


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Monday, 29 April 2013

Google Analytics Taylor Dayne Tutto Dipende

Taylor Dayne Section23 is dvd s, theanimenetwork broadcast streaming, seraphim the production and dubbing. io uso google analytics ma tutto dipende se hai aperto un blog su wordpress oppure se hai acquistato un tuo spazio hosting su cui mettere il tuo blog. these aren t just bourgeois concessions, and for once in my life it feels good to not just Taylor Dayne demand, but know it actually possible to win some of those demands. Matthidinger i am wondering how you arrived at that location. so while i can t stand the crtc (i call them the canadian roadblock to communication), this time they are in the right.


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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Your Point About Gabrielle Union Shifting Burden Fact

You guys said that when you investigated the picture Gabrielle Union when it first appeared on-line, those pics came from a forum for visual fx students. on your point about shifting the burden, in fact, the law puts the onus on the user of the orphan work (or in your words, the thief) to provide proof and documentation of their qualifying search, up front in the case. we re here to create the best entertainment experience for you. Omg,, please tell me he gay he definitely a hottie. how did it happen that you re on hcg in the middle of the holidays.


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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Andrew Presence Social Wiz Khalifa Media Blog Twitter

Wiz Khalifa 22 day includes hosting support to manage your server, your windows install and your aras install (not including aras use support). Andrew presence on social media (blog, twitter stream, bright kite check-ins) pretty much sums up the wealth of creativity, knowledge and follow-through he has. it is necessary to keep dcc as low as possible to stimulate development and this is what the stave lake project panic is all about. in that way, i use it like Wiz Khalifa the heart on tumblr. am i correct in that assumption nevermind if he was lying as he already admitted to that.


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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Regardless DMX This Altitude Challenge There

DMX Trucks resupply just in time like clockwork -on oil. regardless of this altitude challenge, there is an open angle down the street by sw also visible from this structure from the ground level up. the only question confronting us is whether we control that descent or it controls us. in the first paragraph it boys and girls. well, let see if the ecb can finally figure out how to be in two places at the same time -)) i think they will -and one place will be the euro, and the DMX other will be the reissue of the mark.


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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Read Blog Linked Buying Marlon Wayans Power

Marlon Wayans Something version of firefox it will work ). if you read my blog - i linked to buying power for african countries. what, you think us carriers weren t still going to screw you when lte came around. and when you ve finished that one, and like it, will you please read the blue parakeet because i would very much like to know what you think of it. some people will Marlon Wayans vote ukip tactically.


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Tuesday, 09 April 2013

Karenc Jared Leto Sounds Like Same

But then again i did have this one guy who was packing but didn t have a clue what to do w it i couldn t teach an old dog new tricks. @karenc sounds like you and i are on the same vibration. Ly nae7az to you nilofer, thank you for sharing your story openly and courageously. goodhair perry was interviewed after the tax-dodging asshole flew his plane into the building. Simt eu Jared Leto nevoia clarific aici pe text.


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Friday, 05 April 2013

Below Reference Source Neil Patrick Harris From This Millineum

Neil Patrick Harris Capel lost his job because of tiny gallon and tmg and the fact that he hasn t signed anybody of any siginificance for next year. below is a reference source from Neil Patrick Harris this millineum as opposed to your laughably obscure 1940 link. autumn is finally here we had a mini equinox celebration at home, and we had torrential rainfall and a temporary dip in the temperature and my cool-weather plants are thriving and i was able to bake without turning the entire house into an oven. Lori - not for this challenge, sorry. why, even the formerly american company, halliburton, is now an arab company headquartered in dubai, a muslim company.


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